AAA 479: YouTube TV Cancelled!


For the android fateful. I'm Jason Al.. And I'm Ron Richards And Florence I. Think after nine years I wouldn't take a drink right before I. Introduce Myself. You caught me. Created. GotTa stay hydrated for the INTRO. It'll run you drive. You're not careful. That's one welcome back Jason. Did you ever you missed you? I had a good trip. I'll just go ahead and give you just a real quick blurb of my week. We went camping into this this. Into the mountains, a couple of hours away from Petaluma our own acres and acres of land. They were like air. There's no one up here. Just go camping have fund and we have another friend who had a trailer was like share borrower trailers, my first time driving a trailer and pulling it behind our sequoia. little did we know that the roads were super narrow, and totally like all dirt roads, and I ended up running the trailer off the side of the road. The road literally collapsed under the weight of the trailer. Oh my God! Everybody was OK and actually at the end of the day like net net result? Is I was out a penny. We were able to get it out of the the the place that it fell. We're able to fix a few things that were wrong with it and all smiles, so I have done stories from it. That was my gosh is. That doesn't happen here in New, York City often. Well that never happens to me except for last week so. Nice time camping, it was nice. It was you know. It was a blast like it was. It was such a memorable trip. Even though like tons of stuff. WHAT ROB BOOM! We finally got there and we opened the door. I was like three hours getting this this trailer out of the from off the side of the road I'm GonNa to open a beer and I opened up the door to go into the trailer. The refrigerator door had swung open and all the food. Everywhere. It literally could have been a movie. Basically is what I was just going to say. It's almost comedic in that regard. Right like it's like a Sitcom. Even more so the night before my daughter had made us a chocolate cream pie, we ate half of it. The other half was in the fridge. What do you guys made the most mass? It was all over the curtains. Chocolate cream pie everywhere anyways, had good. We should do we should. We should pause for a moment for the chocolate cream pie. Love chocolate cream pie. It was so different. Smeared on the ground with a bunch of cashews and broken glass, but we didn't. We didn't have any chocolate cream pie, but we had the second episode of the knew all about Android, and it was a blast. We missed you but I thought flow did a great job. Running the show. Here on and our guest David Ruddock. Police, he was great as well a lot of fun. That's right. Excited for the three muster dive into the stuff today. and. We got a lot of stuff to dive into. Why don't we do that with the help of Burke at the twit studio? It's time for some news burke.

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