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Athlete A, HBO's Oz, Dave Merheje, Best Sports Documentaries - burst 09


Along Colin caplis formative years becoming a netflix series. It's right the NFL quarterback athlete activists with EVA DO Verde for calling in black and white is scripted limited drama and picked up straight to series at the streaming giant Netflix's six episode series will examine capper. Nick's adolescent life is high school years. The accident experiences to win of course he took a knee and decided to take a stand nominally, Michael. Strawberry will pen the scripture of his executive producer. Strawberry Privacy Team with duvall on when they see us, which was a peabody winning limited series based on the Central Park Five Colin Kaepernick knock on anywhere and now, Joe. He gets a great filmmaker to tell a story. Oh yeah and a very her. Her whole Cadillac is incredible. I'm super interested to see what she'll do with his early life, and and I wonder how much of his influence will go into that. I'm sure a lot, but you know. We were talking about the last dance and Michael Jordan and the influence he had on that, so yeah, I'm excited to watch it when. When it comes out all right, look forward to that now. It's time for our special guest. I've been listening to a new podcast. Is Truly a movie for your ears? It's called blockbuster the story of James. Cameron and it falls a twenty two year old truck driver who will become the greatest director of all time. Stick around after the show to hear the trailer for

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