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Beyond Hyperspace With Sean Cahill - burst 20


They were like. Look your metric on Youtube for likes versus. Subscribers is ridiculous. If they send, you might not have. Exposure. What you apparently quality content now that really that helped me out a lot. 'CAUSE I. It's weird that I can go out until everybody else. Put on your superman suit. Go Fly, and on on one of those fools that goes home goes. Are you shouldn't told? That's. That's humanity that's. That's the trauma we all had visited upon us by whatever this society and man. I'm not bitching. Look at the world. I mean I don't know if this material empire that we've all built together that spans. The Globe is the measure of success in this existence. But Man I think if anybody did this before here, we would have noticed to this extent. it does look like people got around because they're stone pyramids, all over the place lines the same spot from Mauritius to South Africa to in everywhere. We know probably. Don't you know I can't notre anything in Antarctica. That's a whole somebody else's TV. Yeah, that's kind of sketchy. I've seen that one. It's pretty good. I don't know if I buy. It's good I got I got to be careful. Have strong opinions about some. I've come out in that. When you're in the service for twenty years, you can recognize people. Recognize. CADENCE tone level of knowledge, and just some of the people that I've heard. Even if you took the voice thing off

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