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Deadly fighter jet crash Mine


Deadly fighter jet crash Mine Jack Callahan, Fox News and Air Force F 16 jet on a training mission has crashed at the Shaw Air Force Base in central South Carolina. The pilot was rushed to the hospital but did not survive the cause of the crash now under investigation. City Council in New York, approving a budget for the next fiscal year, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in cuts to the city's police Department. Council Speaker Corey Johnson said the cuts are less than $1 billion that he and protestors wanted. But council's Republican whip Joe Borelli says still too much. We're making these cuts to appease a fraction of far left New York ER's and I understand the politics of that. We're also making these cuts to continue this false propagation that police officers on the gravest danger to the public. Morelli charging the council knows the cuts will create a more violent city. But they're doing it anyway. The council majority leader, Laurie Combos, as these

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