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Last night talking a lot of a cam Newton. Yes, Actual football Cam Newton signing with the Patriots on Sunday and we've been trying to figure out especially tonight. Was this the plan all along for the Patriots, or did Cam Newton just fall into their lap? And whenever I need guidance on these kinds of matters, they always turn to my good friend Mike went Danske. There's a host of W II in Boston. But how are you? Alex. I'm doing great, buddy. How are you? I am doing well, so let's get to it. That's the question of the night much was this the plan all along or did Cam Newton fall into the Patriots lap? They woke up June 28th and I go. Wow. Former MVP is here. What Sinem I asked the same question today on the I and I live mine Sit here, and I would love to tell you I have the answer, but I have no clue what we need more reporting on this. We need Ben Bolan's and Tommy current of the world to do the reporting because I have no idea how you end up on your 28. Deciding. Yep. This is where we're going to sign Cam Newton and if I had to guess, That was the plan. My answer is no. You can't plan on Cam Newton. Signing a minimum deal with your 7/2 $1,000,000 bonus built and you can't Hope that he ends up siding. Nowhere else in the land in your lap. This thing feels like They got lucky. It was too good of a value to pass up and Belichick tournament said Yeah, we'll see what happens this year. I do not think this is the plane. If it wass I say it's a mistake because they should have signed him two months to go. So you work with the team here in the office. Well, just make sure he's not posting on Instagram like Tom Brady. It's gotta be a hush hush offseason kind of workout I don't want I'll say this there. If you didn't like Tom Brady, the Instagram post the last couple months you're not goingto love can do because he's just aggressive. He's got a ringer podcast coming out in July. Call the Cam Confidential's So this is you having front and center just like the former quarterback? Let's talk about that, though. I mean, there's been some talk nationally about Cam Newton and whether he fits in with Bill below Check in the Patriots, and you mentioned his podcast is coming out. We know you know, he said, some pretty. Ah, pretty crazy things the last few years to he always speaks his mind. Love his wardrobe. I mean, I will say that I don't know. I think I think a lot of that is overrated. I mean, Belichick. I think Belcher conforms to players more than people think, especially last couple years. You know you want Brady to miss today's grog to mess How does Cam Newton fit into the button down Fox burrow culture if you will. Yeah, As long as he's not out there, calling out other players were being critical of his coaches are going teammates. It's going to be fine, like we have seen guys come in here and whether it was Randy Moss even shadow. Just think, though. They just sort of get it once they show up in the building. I don't know. Something bill talks about something other players talking about in this case wouldn't be Brady be Devon, according one of the veteran leaders on the team. But I'm with you. I think that that part of it is Is overblown. I think that the bigger issue is going to be on the field issue. The Cam Newton that Khun still run for a bunch of yards and scare teams and haven't defend him or This yellow Sun, a pocket quarterback to his pocket quarterback Cam Newton. I don't think it's somebody the Patriots fans going like

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