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Ones still up. You know they had Nolan Ryan as a reliever. At one point, you know, I, uh, listen. Hey, Jim. Fregosi was good. All right. It was good was even if we had a train, and it old Ryan was okay. Uh, Steve, you know was enough. We talked about Bob. Let's go back to modern thing. Because the journey a contract has been copied. Apparently Bret Saberhagen. Offered money. Remember when who's the Washington Nationals? Not quite. The Yankees or Red Sox in paying out on the East? Course they wanted to keep Max. Sure, sir. And so they got the total paid out over an extra number of years, not 25 years created that they got the life of the contract paid over more than the years of the contract. Twitter. And how about a Fresca? Phone number 877 99 on Fox. Steven. I'm going to count down 51 minutes to Bobby Bania Day. Right now walk the moon will be playing their big hit. Shut up and dance with me. We'll check in with Ryan Seacrest will be live in New York City in times Square, a cz body beneath a day again 51 minutes away, and Anderson Cooper and the ball is gonna drop and nobody will be Nobody will believe there's going to be insulting people. Sure that's what it's going to be. You're going to send that people are going to making out from a distance. A Z look, We're counting down. Bobby Bania Day is coming, and it is now 50 minute 50 minutes away 50 minute will, of course, check in with our sister station in Los Angeles because they always do that to Oh, that's where all the other bands are playing. Let's go. Let's go to Los Angeles, where you're going to see a couple of bands, years we get ready for us to go live to City, Australia's how they're welcoming Bobby Buddy a day The first the 1st 1st 1 Yes, the international date line. It was always New Zealand, right was that the 1st 1 is in New Zealand. That as the first I just remember this is the shot because of the bridge. They have the fireworks bridge next to the opera. All that's blue and orange fire. Fireworks going off next to the operas. Fireworks have gone off related to the meds before manners. Yeah, eso again. 50 minutes to Ah, body, Vinny. Today I Really? I feel like it is almost like New Year's Eve again. Now you sound like an F M. D. J. That's just constantly giving the time to say exactly 49 after the hour, 40 31 in the morning as you get ready for your local commute, we've got news and traffic together. Coming up in about four minutes again. Still 7 30 company on the ones you know of his double l in the name when I was on the radio in college, and I wound up you know, people that knew me that knew I was on the radio. They would always tell me the same thing in the morning. I need to say the time more often, And

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