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100,000 day in the U. S. While New York City's beaches are starting to allow swimming starting tomorrow, more Corona virus cases down in Florida means more beaches down They're closing. And out senators on Capitol Hill. They want to be briefed about reports that Russia was paying to have American soldiers killed in Afghanistan Sports Metz and Sinker Ball throwing relief pitcher Jared Hughes have agreed to a one year deal. 70 degrees in Central Park Evening. I'm leave on Putney. It's 11 31. We're still waiting to hear if New York City Council passed or rejected on $88 billion budget do in 29 minutes. The city's spending blueprint calls for the NYPD to cut one billion and expenses and another 500 million and capital expenditures, We will be canceling the upcoming recruit class that would have started in July. And we're going to make sure that patrol strength is consistent by reassignments from administrative duty to patrol duty by ensuring that the NYPD will make revisions in some of the functions it performs. For instance, school safety officers will now be under the Department of Education. The mayor announced, hundreds of millions will be diverted from the NYPD to summer youth programs, education, family and social services and for broadband in Nitra housing. Rich lam WCBS news Radio 8 80 Our wrists talked earlier today with former police Commissioner Ray Kelly about that money being cut from the NYPD. His budget like fireworks, so just out of control, you know if you was in Manhattan, you would end up with some

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