Pensions Committee, Dr Anthony


And Pensions Committee, Dr Anthony Fauci says. There's a big job and two confirmed Rhinovirus cases in parts of the nation. The numbers speak for themselves. I'm very concerned that I'm not satisfied with what's going on because we're going in the wrong direction. About 40,000 new cases being reported the day, Dr Fauci said he would not be surprised. If we go up If this does not turn around infections rising rapidly, mostly in parts of the West and south. The switch. Joe Biden says President Trump wasted months of lockdowns by the American people. They don't make these sacrifices you could ignore the science in turn responsible steps like we're in Mass into a political statement by King says the state by state approach to fighting the virus has failed in his view. Mississippi has become the final US state to retire the Confederate battle emblem from its flag as he had committed to do. Governor Tate Reeves has signed a bill that removes the flag from official status. The action follows last weekend's emotional debate and a Sunday vote to change the flag, which had originally been adopted in 18 90 for the commission will design a new flag. One cannot include the Confederate symbol and must include the words in God. We trust voters will be asked in November to approve the new design. If they rejected the commission will draft a different design, using the same guidelines to be sent to the voters at that point. Churchman Zanni reporting. Police chief until soak, Lama says one of the two officers who were shot during a traffic stop has died. Sergeant Craig Johnson was shot multiple times during the stop. The suspected gunman, 32 year old David Anthony, where was arrested following a search that lasted more than seven hours. He faces murder and weapons charges. More of these stories, a townhall dot com Gold. It's soaring. Are you missing it? It even IRA or four? 01 k, you probably are less than 1% Hold physical gold. We've been told by Wall Street if for crazy people Really What's crazy about an asset that beet stocks to tow one? I'm Adam Burrata, national bestselling author of the book Gold is a Better way. Owner of Advantage. Golden

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