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Was Cam Newton You think he would have been signed much sooner than June 28th? So that's on the


You're North Turner. Said he also thinks Newton will thrive in New England under Josh McDaniels, the OSI Belichick. Of course. I mean, the Patriots like to innovate, and the next innovation around the NFL has been the read option. And they haven't been able to really run that with Tom Brady and his obvious limitations when it comes to speed now with Cam Newton. They can introduce some of that to the offense there, pointing on doing it anyway with Jared Stidham, who ran the same offense. As Kamut Auburn. Under Gus Malzahn. The only difference is was Malzahn was the offensive coordinator with Cam and the head coach and offensive coordinator with stadium much more recently, of course. S o. The Patriots were planning on introducing those elements anyway, Um Cam Newton. If healthy, this is this puts them back in the Super Bowl conversation. It does. And I think with how they were building this team, they were Content with Jared Stadium, but they've seen something. Or maybe haven't seen something this offseason that clearly has told them we need to get someone else in here because I know we like to think of Belichick as this Machiavellian genius. But again if the master plan was Cam Newton You think he would have been signed much sooner than June 28th? So that's on the table on social Media. Julian Edelman, Jules is happy. Says he's a Newton, Mass. Get it, Cam Newton. And Brady has the gall to comment on Instagram. But I'll always be your number one Winky face far, Edelman. I'd reply with the finger Emoji. I mean, his man T V 12 left him out to dry and only that He teams up with Gronk in Tampa Bay. I mean, if you're Jules, you have to be feeling hurt. You're Biffle shopping. You're looking for a new B F F. Maybe he found it in camp. Also on social media. It sounds so old when I say that also in social media. Little Beckham Jr. Shooting down some Patriots speculation. People want him to go. Comedian Bob Neary. Sweets and oh, BJ Cam workout video.

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