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Why hasn't Boris Johnson released the Russia report? - burst 6


You know very well. said he's argument Russia undefeated. It's become a very powerful rogue states. How does he argue that Russia? has done this so steel argues that Russia's become emboldened under Vladamir Putin largely because the West is not. Responded to ask aggression political subversion the Kremlin's cad. Recent years. He Talks About Paradigm Shifts. Six PAT on shift moments sweat with the Kremlin some-something atrocious. The response from the UK or other countries has been conventional a few diplomats Kate's house rather than than something most of serious. And the first one he is the break up of the Yukos oil company. Yukos was once Russia's biggest oil firm now a European Court says the Russian government violated its rights and forced it into bankruptcy. And this was assigned radio, the Russian state could seize private assets. If it wanted there was nothing anyone could do to. The second is is the murder by radio t Alexander live in in in two thousand six. The inquiry heard that sie lay on his deathbed. He told them he'd been targeted by the Russian secret service on the personal orders of Vladimir Putin. Of Polonium traces. Leads not just from London Moscow. Directly to the door of Vladimir Putin's office.

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