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And welcome back to Washington


The publication of a book by President Trump's niece, at least temporarily. Mary Trump describes her uncle in the book as quote the world's most dangerous man. The judge in the case, said No copies can be distributed until he hears arguments on the case. On July 10th. Simon and Schuster is the publisher and in the Kentucky primary for the Democratic Senate nomination, Amy McGrath defeated her challenger, Charles Booker by a small margin, and she'll face off against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the fall in China, a new swine flu strain is emerging and has the potential to become its own pandemic. That's according to Dr Anthony Fauci, who said While the virus has not yet been shown to be infecting humans, it could evolve. Also today, the Federal Communications Commission declared Chinese companies wall away and CT to be quote national security threats. This means that no federal monies will be allowed to be used to buy their telecommunications equipment and Capitol Hill was busy today before the Indents Independence Day

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