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You know it was okay, but I had a doctor's appointment the day before I left and she told me my doctor told me that my amniotic fluid was low scary and she was like well. There's two reasons why it could be low, either. You're dehydrated or your placenta stop working. Oh. Okay! So, she was like. Just you know, hydrate a lot and then I'll see you back in two days and I was like well. I'm going to New York where she like what I was like. If you tell me, I shouldn't go, I won't go and she was like. Well Just! You know if if you feel if you if you. If you don't feel him moving for a while, I would ask you to go see a doctor in new. York I was like okay. But hydrate like like it's your job. So how many gallons of water have you been doing I feel like I have had an IV come. Liquid! Are you seeing non peeing nonstop? Thank God. I had booked myself into. Oh that is tough when you're not and you're. Like also. You know I would be out and about New York. It'd be like Oh no I have to pee every like like minimum every forty five minutes, but like. I really feel better every thirty minutes, and there's not just great public restrooms all over New York. Although I I have gotten very good about knowing where the public restrooms are like department stores always have on. So yeah, so I hydrated like mad. And then today I saw my doctor again and everything was great. Look at you because you're like. You should hydrate flying when you're not pregnant totally dehydrates. Regardless totally I mean the amount of water I was drinking wasn't saying I should also say right now. I'm drinking water spiked with our sponsor liquid. Oh. Yes electrolytes so. Handy again I give to my kids when they are sick I have they call it the like the special juice Oh. The trip was good. The thing I went for I went for a panel. It was good. I saw my family I saw my brother and my sister Lama niece and nephew always good, always good. I will say like. You know. I don't know if I was just tired because I wasn't sleeping great because of jet lag, and also I'm thirty thirty three weeks pregnant, but like taking the subway and climbing all those stairs. I was like winded I felt like I was constantly winded. Oh Yeah I. Have that I was pregnant with my first child New York and commuted from Brooklyn to Times Square. And I get off at this forty second street. Stop on the train. Some of you might know it, and they're Bryant Park there so many stairs. There are a lot of stairs. There's also an elevator at that Newark. The subway system is not particularly accessible and many locations, which gets really shitty for numerous reasons, yeah. And I just I just remember like it would be like a fifteen minute stair climb. Yeah, I mean look. I'm grateful that I'm still that I'm able bodied person who was able to walk up those stairs. But I was like Oh. Yeah, this I'm feeling this. Car! Give me back to my car. I did. Book Myself Two nights I was there for four nights two nights of which were paid for by the organization that brought me out there to do this panel, and then the other two nights book myself into a Nice Hotel and I made sure. I put myself into a room with bathtub. Okay, God, and because I was like like I just WanNa, just WANNA relax and take a bath and I have to say this bathtub excited my expectations. What about it made it so special? Souls huge very important, massive bathtub second of all it. It was by a window, and I was on the ninth floor, and I just had this like view, not like the most lovely. It wasn't like I was looking out on like central park, but it was. Still like a nice city view, so that felt kind of like dramatic and exciting. Also they're in their like toiletries that they gave you. They gave you bath salts and bubble bath. They are doing it right, so they had clearly thought about this. which I appreciate it so one night I took a bath, a bath salts and the next night I took a bath with bubble. Double Bath I. Double Bath. Nice work. Congratulate you wonder for bathing at the same time because I took a bath this past weekend. And I just poured so many epsom salts and different salts into it gone roller skating with a bunch of mom friends. And I was sore. They also took about not not view. Well you know we can. All get will have that I felt. I need to get in the TUB more. Feel good I I feel that every time I get. I know and then I get out and I forget the man was like you know. If, I ever. Get have a lot of money. I will build a really nice bathtub in a bathroom. And I will never leave it. It will be where I live like almost a small pool. Like a soaking pools like a soaking tub. Hot Hot Tub but in your. Bathroom that I could just. Relax also in this fantasy world states off limits to everyone else in the house out. Totally no one can. Even you need like a code to get in. The password the password is serum just like our facebook group totally. Let's take a short break. Our guest today is Natasha Rothwell. I'm just going to be a quick bio, and then we're going to get into how we are. The TASHA Rothwell is a writer actress and producer in a series regular co producer on Easter as peabody award winning HBO Series Insecure. She wrote and starred in Netflix's presents the characters and has previously written for Saturday night.

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