The Athletics Rhiannon Walker, ESPNs Mike Reiss and Josh Tolentino of The Athletic - burst 12


Reese. Covers the Patriots for ESPN. If you are NFL fan, you've certainly read his work. In seen his face on ESPN for many years He makes regular television appearances on sportscenter NFL live. He has been part of ESPN since two thousand nine prior to that he degrade work for the Boston glow, and he joins me today because I wanted to talk about the Cam Newton signing, which is just major major news and presents. I think just a once again a fascinating media. In New England and Mike. Reese joins me on these sports media podcast Mike. How are you Richard Doing Great? Thanks for having me hope you're healthy and well and same all the listeners. Thank you and stay safe to you and your family all right Mike. You're already been on one of the more interesting beats in professional sports. How much more interesting to this beat get with the acquisition of Cam Newton? I, I think the way I worded it was it was an already compelling situation, and now of throws a firecracker. You know right into that already compelling situation 'cause the way I looked at it was this was going to be one of the more watched stories in sports regardless. How do you replace Tom? Brady like huge question and. All is we're going to be on Jarrett Stidham. And what's this kid all about? And so I had just been sort of wrapping my arms around that aspect of it,

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