White couple who pointed guns at protesters blames 'angry mob'


This is an unsettling story is a white couple points guns that protesters marching by their home. Where did this happen here? Sparks of Steve Rappaport Mark McCloskey says he and his wife, Patricia, We're facing an angry mob on their private street and feared for their lives after he says they broke a gate to his estate video on Social media shows Mark McCloskey, pointing in a R 15 style rifle and Patricia brandishing a handgun. Mark shouts at protesters as some in the diverse crowd Erste group to ignore them and move on. Police say they're investigating the matter as trespassing and intimidation by assault against the couple. Protesters were on the way to the home of ST Louis Mayer Lyta Crewson, demanding. She resigned for publicly revealing names and addresses of people who support de funding. The police.

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