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Laver. was cleared of enemy resistance. Five minutes after British troops landed at seven thirty this morning Western, European, time. Walk Respondent with the landing detachment which landed west of Labora- reports. Starting at seven, o'clock, a continuous naval bombardment pounded the German positions. If I was directed against the part of the coast located west of Laverick. Every ten minutes six hundred guns of the fleet rain, two thousand tons of shells upon it. Allied air, forces attacking the coastal batteries did magnificent. Between, eight and ten o'clock allied fighters penetrated up to one hundred twenty kilometres into the interior without meeting single German plane. The. She radio's ED tonight. It must be admitted that the allied beachhead area has been considerably widened, and that allied reinforcements pouring in. Radio France at Algiers quote a German broadcast to Spain tonight, saying allied troops had landed and gain a foothold in they belong to Calais area of northern France. The record lacks confirmation in any responsible source. Also said Allied paratroops captured an address them in the same region. King George. The Sixth of Britain broadcasting to his people tonight made a solemn call to prayer and dedication that we may be worthily matched with this new summons of destiny. King's head broadcast heard on CBS. At this time for years ago, our nation and empire stood alone against an overwhelming and implacable enemy with our backs to the wall. Tested as never before in our history in God's Providence.

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