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Sixty game twenty twenty season, but some players are making the decision to not participate first Baseman Ryan Zimmerman and right hander Joe Ross Washington national teammates. Teammates became the latest players to decide to sit out the abbreviated baseball season. The pair joins Arizona diamondbacks righthander Mike. Leak leak became the first known MLB player to opt out when he announced his decision on Monday Zimmerman, had previously been undecided about his decision to play this season. He says there are multiple complicating factors in that decision, citing newborn baby and his mother who has multiple sclerosis and would be considered a high risk individual and also I. Wonder if the Patriots will ever ever learn, listen to this. They've received their penalties from. From the NFL after members of their television team were discovered recording from the Cincinnati. Bengals press box during the Bengals home game against the Cleveland Browns. Last Caesar remember that story. The Patriots will lose a third round pick in the twenty twenty one nfl draft and pay a one point one million dollar fine with their crew, not allowed to record games during the twenty twenty season and the Patriots. Say that they will not contest. The NFL's penalties

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