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Russian bounties with Rep Adam Schiff - burst 11


Family. It's kind of set up like the trump family. There's a son in law, literally a son-in-law. There's a jared Kushner Turkey who is seen as kind of a hard of the corruption and the ill-gotten wealth of the family, and there have long been suspicions that the trump family and the family could have lots of business deals. There's a trump tower in Istanbul. There's other potential investments. What do we not know about what these guys are talking about because I can guarantee you that Donald trump is not wanting to talk to everyone twice a week to discuss the Middle East peace, process. You're geopolitical tensions. Does anybody really believe that's what these guys are talking about? So what kind of deals are being made? And and this is what we see stuff pops up above the surface. The corruption that we don't see with with embassy of Saudi Arabia with one is probably staggering and something that we're just clearly not going to be able to uncover while trump is in office, but I hope that people continue to look at this. After an importantly, Tommy Sdn y the southern district of New York was apparently looking at some of this stuff and trump shit canned the US attorney for the district of Newark Right, so there's a lot of smoke year. We're we're? We're very close to the fire. Guess agreed and I can't even imagine what will be learned when he is finally gone. This is another news story or relatively good news, so the Associated Press reported that for the first time in Belgium's history, the king expressed regret for Belgium's brutal resist colonial rule over the Congo from eighteen, sixty five to nine hundred nine. This conversation was reignited by people who are rightly outraged by statues of former king, leopold the second. That are all over Belgium. People want them pulled down as they should as they should be. King Leopold the second. force Congolese people into slavery to extract their resources. There are some estimates that he was responsible for the death of up to ten million Congolese people the the letter. This regret came at a letter to the current Congolese president. It stopped short of an apology. But there's a broader movement in Belgium to revisit that country's colonial past and reform their. You know history classes to provide a more accurate rendering of Belgium's brutal colonial history. It's very similar to the conversation. We're having now. Thanks to black lives matter thanks to protesters here in the US who

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