US finds itself off the list of countries allowed to enter Europe


News correspondent Tom Rivers now live in London, Tom the European Union set to reopen its borders to visitors. But there's one country that's not on that list. Us is not up to scratch. Ahh look at some of the country's 14 countries are being Allowed in now tourists, So if you don't well, you know, non essential travel people from Japan, Uruguay, New Zealand did pretty well. We know that we want the Serbia, South Korea. They did pretty well too. But the U. S Russia and tourists When Brazil you gotta you gotta have Ah, hangout for at least I've been a mom. Now, two weeks. It will be reviewed assumes the numbers Come down in America, Uh, the door will be open, but right now they're not allowing countries. To have tourists come in with higher Her capita coded 19 rates, then the average in Europe. So have the weight right now, Tom, correct me if I'm wrong, but they're allowing China To to come in correct. The Chinese that is done that is on the cusp. These things look, we would be that's that's that's the Joker in the deck. Yeah, it's like waiter will shine again. If you allow Europeans in the China, so that's been kind of the What's the sticking point? There s o the country were this originated the country that has lied and denied and people have died since day one there on the cusp Yet the United States is on the outside looking in. That makes zero sense that people you know they're talking, they look through the ocular politics. This has got everything to do with biology and numbers and statistics. If your numbers aren't good enough, you're not welcome right now. But you will be as soon as you get your grades up, Tom, Thanks for the update. Take care. Alright. That's Tom Rivers, ABC news correspondent in London. Yeah, the country that's line denied and people have died. Since day one. They're allowed in or they're on the cusp. Yet the United States is only outside looking if that isn't a big middle finger. To America. I don't know what is in speaking

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