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Evening. We're still watching eastbound 90 fool right there. Trumbull. There's an accident that's blocking the center. The right and they, uh, right shoulder. That's the centre, laying the right night and also the right shoulder. So you should be getting by, Although they're saying now that that is now clear was it just popped off of the camp? So should be getting by No problem right there on I 94 eastbound. At Trumbull there, and now it is time for the national Electrical Contractor Associations. Construction alert in Detroit on I 94 between Meraz and counter that's West bound. The two right lanes are closed through 5 a.m. Tomorrow morning and with this, the 94 westbound exit to Marassi is also closed in the I 75 work zone. The 75 North bound exit to 14. Malraux now closed. Through September and in Canton tomorrow, Ford roll eastbound and rich roll. The right lane will be closed. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and one Maurin, Redford Township Telegraph North and South bound. At Plymouth. Their double lane closures each way daily in place through July 31st Looking through the triple A jam cams in the W W. J traffic Center, Your AC You weather forecast for the rest of

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