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Democrats have now cats just under 40,000 ballots. Republicans under 20,000 early voting


H news time a 103 the state of Mississippi retiring it's state flag and organizing a group to come up with a new design. Republican governor Tate Reeves signed to build a scrap the flag which contained the Confederate battle and learn this is not a political moment to me. A solemn occasion to lead our Mississippi family to come together. The flag had survived a 2001 vote, with the majority of state residents, then saying the design embraced Southern heritage. But with racial tensions bubbling in the country, there was a renewed desire for change, Rave said. Changing flags is different than tearing down monuments, a monument acknowledges and honors our past. The flag is a symbol of our president Rob Dawson. Fox snares the airline industry beginning to see a slight uptick in the number of passengers ahead of the Fourth of July, officials said. The next time you fly, you'll notice a lot of changes that includes employees wearing face mask, additional plastic barriers and more security lines. To allow for social distancing David Per Kowski is the T s a administrator passengers to uncertainty, the driver's license or their passport into a machine themselves. I don't need to hand it off to one of our officers.

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