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Up at the bottom of the hour here on Kate, ex former vice president Biden, who is challenging President Trump for the presidency, is calling out Ah, the president for a dereliction of duty will tell you why coming up right now. Traffic and weather together sponsored by caliber garage doors, and here's Tani compose. We've got a traffic break that's going to be rancid. Speaking to stop all lanes north four or five at Getty Center, Dr. This is because there is some furniture sitting at the center divider. They've got to get that out, so they will be stopping all lanes in the next couple of minutes. We've got a lot of slowing through mental Montebello on the 60 East. There's some roadwork going on between East L. A. And the 605 now and the Winton North Avenue, 43 There is a car fire that fire is being put out now, but it is slowing down traffic a lot, And we've also got some Cal transport through. There's the once in north from the five Toe Avenue 43. The right lanes are blocked the right to and then they're holding the right to just past Avenue 43. The avenue 43 on and off. Ramps are also shut down right now. So seeing a lot of back from Five downtown

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