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Told troopers that a suspect in a red car fired shots at him.


Says Corona virus cases could grow to 100,000 day in the U. S. If Americans don't start following public health recommendations. The nation's leading infectious disease expert, made the remark at a Senate hearing on reopening schools and workplaces. Oakland County share of Mike Bouchar says he's concerned about a troubling trend in the county. An increase in suicides as the pandemic wears on, and people remain cooped up and isolated and with an uncertain future, some of them. Bouchard estimates that One person now takes his or her life in the county every day. I think the last time we look here over the year, it was up 6%. So you know those air moms and dads and sisters and brothers and really people so for us that already respond regularly to suicide having a pick up by 6%. Is very concerning. Buchard says his department has stepped up support for officers coping with the increase in suicide calls. He encourages everyone to reach out to family and friends and ask if they are OK. The national suicide hotline number is 1 802 73 Talk. A nine year old girl lost her life this morning in a house fire on Detroit's West Side. This happened around 3 a.m. When neighbors say they heard screaming from the burning home on Pearson Street near Joy, rodent, Evergreen. Monica Mobley lives across the street. They would be out here just playing right in their bikes. When it's hot there getting wet in front of the house. The parents are always on the porch, watching them when they're outside investigators looking at a faulty air conditioning unit as the possible calls. A small memorial has gone up outside the house. W W J NEWS TIME. 10 22 Surveys show many consumers would rather do all or most of their car buying online. I Marie Feldman with the Feldman report on W W J NewsRadio, 9 50

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