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78 degrees at eight o'clock. Good evening. I'm


Next. Our media group station 78 degrees at eight o'clock. Good evening. I'm on the news. His sponsored by riverboat twilight dot com. Former Chicago police superintendents among those publicly criticizing a leaked CPD list of lieutenants up for promotion as to Whiten two male first wg and traffic still sinks and slowdowns on that South bound side of the tri state tollway. It's due to an earlier accident. The worst congestion now was between the Stevenson and Richland Avenue. Other expressways it always in good shape the WG and forecast Here's meteorologist. My camera Nick. Partly cloudy and warm. Scattered thunderstorms ending 72 for the low tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy continued warm chance of thunderstorms High of 89 but seventies along the lakefront On Thursday. Partly cloudy, slight chance of a storm high of 90 Friday. Mostly sunny, dry high of 90 on the fourth of July continued mostly sunny and dry, with a high of 92 degrees. And Sunday mostly sunny hot with a high of 94 from the WG and Weather Center Mike Hammer Nick, former

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