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Talking about the bar and restaurant situation in Allegheny County. The Trump campaign Committee suing 67 counties in Pennsylvania for these mail in ballots, and you want to get your thoughts on that and mail in ballots. You think it will affect the general election? So we've got a lot to get to love to hear from. You were here until 10 o'clock 866391 10. 20 Good evening. Where the future began radio station voice of indie radio celebrating 100 years Kaiser is off the chain. Everything is in one place for you. Your X ray will be done there. The doctor will see you fear the labs are there for you, and then the nurses that work with you, Kaiser. They make you feel so at home. They're there to meet you. I would not be alive today. If I had not had. I feel really, really great knowing there's a place that I could go to make sure that I can maintain good health. Every medical case is unique to one of the chefs in ST Ruffle Maryland was early If I do home,

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