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New York. We are going down to 67 degrees in Midtown. More people get their news from 10 10 wins, then from any other radio station in the nation map. Lazo was our studio producer. Dempsey plots are service aide Jack and say so is at the editor's desk. I'm Laurie Madden. Old news all the time. Thiss is mountain wins. You give us 22 minutes. We'll give you the world. Good evening. 73 degrees at nine o'clock. I'm Laurie Madden and here's what's happening. Theme Mayor and City Council reach a deal on an $88 billion budget that trims $1 billion from the 10 10 wins reporter Al Jones with the details coming up Eight more states are added to the tri state area quarantine LIS Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill say they want to hear from intelligence officials about the reported Russian bounty program on U. S soldiers in Afghanistan. A New York judge puts the brakes temporarily on publication of a tell all book by President Trump's knees. 10 10 wins. AKI Weather says cloudy and sticky tonight with a shower or thunderstorm Low 67 cloudy tomorrow with a couple of showers in a thunderstorm high eighties.

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