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Denise Fondo, Al Watkins And Patricia Mccloskey discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens


At the 101 Hollywood Freeway. At 6 23 The ST Louis couple seen on video, using guns to guard their home against protesters survived a lawyer, Al Watkins says Mark and Patricia McCloskey on Lee got their guns. After they saw two white protesters ripped down to nearby cast Iron Gate. He says the two came toward them making insults and threats. This is your castle, This is your fan. This is your wife and all of a sudden you're under siege. Watkins says his clients are not certain they saw a gun in the crowd, but thought it was a possibility. So they armed themselves. McCloskey's our attorneys themselves. Watkins says They often represent black clients seeking Justice. Alex statement for CBS News. ST Louis sign language helps the hearing impaired communicate. Now, researchers at Les have found a way For those who don't read sign language to be part of the conversation. It's a glove like device that can translate American sign language into English speech in real time through a smartphone app. System includes a pair of gloves with thin stretchable centers that run the length of each of the five fingers. The device turns finger movements into electrical signals, which are then sent to a small circuit board worn on the wrist, then to a smartphone that translates them into spoken words. June. Chan is an assistant professor of bio engineering at a. I think it's very comfortable for people so well is very compatible and burst Stop. The device translates words at the rate of about one word per second. Chris Eden's keychain. Next 10. 70 news radio. Big milestone for the Free Meal program set up by L. A unified When school's closed mid March the Grab and go Meal number 40 million was signed today. Signed served today. Governor Newsome Rolling out statewide Corona Virus restrictions for the holiday weekend. Tomorrow more at the bottom of the hour, 6 25 brought to you by caliber garage stores, traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the fives, Denise Fondo. We've got a big rig crash reported in Long Beach. This is on the transition for the four or five south to the 7 10 South bound. So of course, fire Department's on the way and so is CHP. And just off the Hollywood Freeway, the one North Bend near bar. We've got a fire report it and that is to the right of the roadway. Newhall Pass five south past the 14 emergency count Friends work happening there in your left lane. We also have a wreck. Unlike your terrorist to Tim Weston, Wheatland, let's go to Scott reporting on the one on one Hollywood freeway in the seven California Toyota dealers Guy one. We'll watch out for that little issue. Denise just reported North bound around bar, but South bound, you do have quite a bit of slowing right around Melrose, Normandy. That'll be sluggish is you worked away down toward the four level interchange. 60 Ontario at the Champ can with prior just not where from CHP are crashed. Just clear. This is an injury crash in lanes there right before Archibald. Everything's to the right shoulder Still slow, though. On our East, 60 starting in Mountain States pretty heavy again. Overto Archer. Bold. Let's look at the five cent in a freeway at a Boyle Heights. With Desmond. Better news, developing here all answer open the drive. Looks like it's starting to break apart for the evening to South bounced out of the five still kind of go between the gas. The brake pedal sluggish from Indiana. Getting down to just about Lakewood Rose me but south of there pretty easy into Orange County, Denise Make sure you can safely enter and exit your home with a new caliber garage door hundreds to choose from his Lois for 49 installed, I'll come with free bottom seals, free installation and free Holloway collar visit caliber garage doors dot com. That's caliber garage doors dot com. Next Report 6 35 I'm Jenny Sponder with more traffic reports more often. Okay, Next 10 70 NewsRadio double degrees warmer as we go into tomorrow. Manhattan Beach wants you to know it's beaches and bike paths are close to this holiday weekend more in three minutes it's 6 27 Your total wine and more store is ready to serve you with our always low prices on an incredible 8000 wines and 2500 beers

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