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Just give me a number. Uh, number one. A lot of the young


Give me a number. Uh, number one. A lot of the young people. Who are losing jobs. Democrats don't really know. Um, I was just able. For example, shopping. I know Cairo. Well there over the years he's been there, You know, been sore. You know, it doesn't go people sometimes. Ofyou people person like I am Anyways, he's telling it was when they started the one light one way, you know, you know, in the hot house and anything. Let me stop. You will let me stop you, right? I I hope it's respectful towards that company because if it's not, you know, it's okay because I'm not about that. Okay? No, I don't mean no, I'm sorry. I don't mean to denigrate John. Do not do that, Okay? Okay. I just have no no. I want you to understand. I wasn't okay. Finish your point of reference, OK? With point reference because they all have one like that Just happen to be in. No, no, no, I'm not okay, fine. But anyways, he just said that he had been I've been a Democrat. His whole life he voted for Trump will never vote.

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