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Basement proceedings continue in the United States Senate as the House


And basement proceedings continue in the United States Senate as the House members crowd in there in the House managers that were named by you think it was Nancy Pelosi that name them right, Senator Ted Harvey of the committee to defend the president. Good afternoon and thank you for having me on. I appreciate it greatly here. Exactly right. Nancy Pelosi has been spearheading this entire effort with that I'm sure near heading are spearheading. I love it. Yes, that's that's great. I'm going to use that more often. But you know that this whole thing has been a sham. Since the very beginning. It was all heard in the basement of the Capitol and reporters weren't allowed in there. The president wasn't allowed to have his attorneys in there, and we weren't allowed to bring forward witnesses to disclaim everything that Adam Schiff has been saying this entire time. Now it goes over the Senate. And you were finally able to hear what the president's attorneys air saying That is, as long as you're watching Fox News. If you're watching ABC, CNN, CBS and NBC, they're not covering it. Mom. They are totally doing a blackout on this entire effort on behalf of the president, But when Adam shift and the House managers were up there They pushed away all of their prime time television and ran non stop with the House impeachment efforts. I think that shows just how corrupt the media is and how corrupt the the left is. In their efforts to try to bring down this president. It does seem like the left and House Democrats are also interested now and having witnesses even though they wouldn't bring any to bear during their proceedings. They want John Bolton, of course, because now we've got this leak about his book, The room where it happened. He was in the Trump administration that he got fired. And now just like Amorosa, just like Comey, a book and he's like and then almost in the top 50 or 60 on Amazon as of today, and it doesn't even release until March. So does this sort of change everything When it comes to the trial, people are are reporting that instead of just being on that, let's just say Senate Republicans air now Mohr on the defensive when at first it looked like this impeachment stuff was just just just a mind boggling banter and phone news from the Democrats. Is it still that should we pay attention to the Bolton release? And by the way, is this pretty unpatriotic of John Bolton and anyone who writes a book was in the administration. Well, that's a look. That's a long list of questions. You've got minutes for this segment. We're gonna bring you back for more so but one I don't know. John Bolton said that I know that that's what The New York Times is saying, John Bolton said, But when can we ever take time magazine? The New York Times Now when you say when you say, said it said What? That we did, in fact, freeze financial aid for the Ukraine to fight Russia until they said Yes, we will investigate Joe Biden exactly and and The New York Times has been Printing lies and leaks about this president since the day he lifted his hand and took the oath of office and all of them have been proved to be false proved to be lies. Whether it comes from the FBI, the CIA and the NSA or whether it's from John Bolton, and I'm not sure that Jon Bones, said this in his book. I know that it's

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