New cases of covert 19 a day. California,


New cases of covert 19 a day. California, Texas and Florida, all reporting more than 6000 new cases. Today the record number of Arizona patients are in the I. C U Here's ABC is not got long in California the first day to shut down in one of the last to re open covert 19 exploding nearly 1/4 of a 1,000,000 cases and the governor with a stern warning if you're not going to stay home And you're not gonna wear masks in public we have to enforce And we will the situation so dire that New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, which have beaten back Cove, it now slapping a 14 day quarantine on visitors from California and other states where the virus is surging. Vice president. Pence says the US is in a much better place. 10 states have slowed down or postponed certain re opening efforts on DH and let me make it very clear that we fully support the new guidance that's been issued. By the governors in these states. But at a Senate hearing today, Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious diseases expert, predicted the US could soon reach 100,000 new cases a day.

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