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Likely they're regretting presidential nominee and former VP Joe Biden says he expects to select a running mate by early August. Nelson says he will hold no campaign rallies. In contrast, President Trump who's been staging campaign events, despite your old virus warnings with government's public health experts stated in public health on a covert 19 update the positivity rates for Corona virus test administered over the last seven days. Is averaging 2.6% Doctors reported. 724 new cases of covert 1923 additional two deaths tied to the epidemic really news time. 6 46 time for sports shift Only a minor league baseball cancel for the first time ever as the sport that was founded in 1901 and fueled by Major league Baseball today, telling the minor leagues, they will not provide players to its affiliated teams. Ending all hope for a season. So it's now what next and it's a long wait till 2021 baseball town like Des Moines. Believe it or not, Alex going is the voice of the eye Cubs there, and it's going to hit hard if you've been to De Moines. If you've been to principal park, you understand how much that minor league baseball in the Iowa comes means to the community. I mean, they've been a triple a filly for the Chicago Cubs for three decades. Hey, that triple a baseball for five decades. They've had professional baseball for nearly a century in Des Moines, Iowa, and the same exact spot, so it's kind of synonymous with city when it comes to the thumb. But with fans not able to be at these games, revenues are down, but fans may or may not be at Wrigley Field. Here's Wcbm Zurich talkto any cub fan and you'll hear tell of the ghosts that haunt venerable Wrigley Field. Those ghosts may well be the only fans in attendance in the shortened season, though David Ross is sure the shouts of the living will still reach his dugout. I have a way of still communicating without being in this fans, and it is going to be unique and

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