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Dot com. Rush radio service fees, limitations and exclusions. Apply C plan for details. Wins news time. 11 11 Traffic in transit. Here's Kelly, Dylan and Paul. Let's start with the bridges and tunnels at the Brooklyn Bridge, traveling into Manhattan in all lanes and now reopen that attract the trailer we had on the bridge. They have removed it so all lanes are now reopened. But do keep in mind. You are heading into Manhattan in the ramp to Centre Street still shut down because of protesters. And now at the Brooklyn bound Brooklyn Bridge, the left lane down on the Brooklyn side with a broken down car, just causing some lighter slowdowns right now, George Washington Bridge Construction work inbound Upper Deck three right lanes and the Palisades ramp also shut down Delays, though easing up We're only down to about a 10 to 15 minute wait. I'll pound George construction work on the upper level, blocking the right lane tonight on the lower jackets, The left and center cross Bronx delays going right back to Jerome. The inbound Holland Tunnel now closed for the usual overnight construction work until five in the morning. Outbound you'll see a lane down with construction and at the Lincoln Tunnel, the centre tube is closed until five but luckily not causing Any delays. I'm

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