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AEE Bonus: Why Today Is Happening: A Timeline


Hey Jessica what is going on in your world today. Oh my gosh, so much young to the world completely changed from like day to day or week to week. Yeah over the weekend there was a curfew in my city so I think there wasn't yours too right. Because of the there was there was. We've had curfews the last seven days or so and I. We are here guys these next few episodes for a bonus series for you guys. Normally we do bonuses to let you know about Web classes or new things we're doing, but we wanted to provide this series of bonuses about civil rights in the US. Because we're getting so many questions, there is so much going on right now in the United States and we want to address it for you guys. In case you have questions or just so that you can hear our perspective as insiders inside American Culture Yeah, right? It's so hard as if you're outside of America and you're just reading news about George Floyd about protests and looting and. I mean Gosh especially with race. It is all about context and history behind it right like there's no way you could understand what's happening now unless you also take into account. Events from the beginning of our country completely completely so guys. We are going to be here for the next four or five episodes. We're going to be putting out a series of bonus episodes over the next few weeks, but today we're going to start with the history of civil rights in the United States because everything goes back to history, right Jessica as you just said, and we had a student right in with a question or a statement that we're GONNA, kick off today's episode. Just go. Could you read that statement or that? Question from a student Yes for sure all right? So this awesome student asked a I know. That America has done a big job to fight segregation. Things are not the same as they were forty or sixty years ago. I suppose however there is an opinion that racism in your country has been defeated on an official level, but still continues to survive as a part of the culture. Is that true is the case? Is this the case? That has caused people to take to the streets. And, not just the single excess of the policemen, but as more of a bigger problem that is a that is a that a very insightful question. Oh, fantastic question! Just immediately react and say yes. Racism completely still exist in this country. Right on a systemic level are Jessica. Our systems now these are two phrases. You guys might here if you were reading the news listening to the news. Institutional Racism Systemic racism, so those are two slightly different things right so systemic racism is just like.

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