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The Enquirer reporter was a big mistake and chief Isaac has reaffirmed the right of the press to cover our police he said the Buck stops with him and he sincerely apologizes he said the right to a free press into protests are inextricably intertwined reporters are crucial to our democracy I'm John Gallagher news radio seven hundred WLW Kentucky governor Eddie Bashir addressed the fallout did global's police department following the shooting death of a protester early Monday morning it's it's it's not OK a visibly frustrated governor Beshear telling reporters Monday that it's unacceptable that the officer Sunday night did not have body cameras on and recording isn't a body camera designed especially for when you were going into a crowd in an apparent dig at Louisville mayor Greg Fischer governor sure promised an investigation into the death of David mcity that doesn't take months as it has in the fatal shooting of Brianna Taylor in Louisville and he added if this doesn't wake up our world and our Commonwealth and our country I just don't know what will I'm C. Sandoval the two LMPD officers are on administrative leave and police chief Steve Conrad was fired yesterday the F. B. I. a Kentucky state police are investigating that incident president trump is threatening to use the military police to quell violence and looting around the country saying quote

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