Emily Davison trampled - June 4, 1913


The Day was June fourth, nineteen thirteen. suffragette emily. Davison was trampled by a horse at the EPSOM Derby. She died four days later. The intentions of her actions leading to the accident have been a topic of debate. In one thousand, nine, hundred six Davidson joint, the women's Center and Political Union, the WSB, you was a militant political organization that campaigned for women's suffrage in the UK. At the time Davis analyst thirty four years old, and worked as a governess, but she soon left her job to work for the movement full-time. Davison was a devout Christian and advocated for socialism as a feminist in suffrage it. She was militant and often confrontational. She was arrested and imprisoned several times. She went to jail for the first time in nineteen o nine. After marching to see Prime Minister H H. Asquith with a group led by suffragette Dora Marston. She and several other women ended up being charged with. And assaulting police. Davidson was later imprisoned for throwing stones at people and setting pillar boxes on fire. While in prison she would go on hunger strikes and was forced. In nineteen twelve she jumped from a prison balcony and protests of her treatment and injured her head Vertebrae. When June fourth, nineteen, Thirteen Davison attended the derby she had to W. S. U. Flags, which bore the colors purple white and green. She found a spot at Tattenham. Corner the last bid for the final straight. As the horses came round. TATTENHAM Corner Davison ducked under the railing and onto the track. Once he made it onto the track. King George the fifth struck her. Davison was knocked unconscious in Horse Bill in through office. Jockey Pervert Jones. The incident was Connor Camera. Davison and Jones were taken to the hospital Jones had concussion. Sent home, but Davidson never regained consciousness and died from a fracture at the base of her skull on June eighth. Davison funeral on June. Fourteenth involved a procession of thousands of people. The W. S. p. you pegged her as a martyr while the media question her mental stability and pointed to her reputation as a militant suffragette. Opinion is divided on whether Davison intended to die or just wanted to disrupt the Derby. Some historians say that she was trying to attach a flag to the horse. Other people believe that she was trying to cross the tracks in something that she was trying to pull the horse down. At the time Davison was carrying a return train to get from EPSOM and had made plans with her sister for the near future, some people point to this fact as evidence that she did not intend to die by suicide that day. When World War One broke out in nineteen fourteen WSB founder Emily Pankhurst, suspended the organisation's militant activities and focused on recruiting women to the war effort.

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