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Before jumping into the topic for today's podcast episode I want to talk about the Zenko on that I shared in the last podcast episode. So the Cohen says when the many are reduced to one to what is the one reduced? I WANNA share some of the thoughts that come from some of the community members on patron, regarding this co on, so the first one comes from Lauren says to me. This week's Co on made me think of the interdependent nature of reality. I also thought about the often used car analogy, if you are taking a car apart piece by piece, when does it stop becoming a car? The many car parts are often reduced to the concept of a car in our minds. But the reality is that each component is unique and into interdependent with all things. So I think it's a lesson to remind ourselves that every concept we have of a physical thing or an idea is made up of sub components, and those are made up of sub components, and so on this is so we can be mindful of what it took for this thing this concept this moment to arise, so we may act more skillfully by having right view in the world. Close quote. Morella says I really like this on as it makes me think about the concepts of oneness, interconnectedness and non-self all in one sentence, if the sense of separation between South and other disappears than there is no one left at least not in the same way as before, the many were reduced to one. This doesn't mean that the one is reduced to nothing, but rather that the one has become the many close quote. And then Matt says I am reminded of the story of the blind men and the elephant in this situation, reducing the number of blind man would reduce our understanding of the elephant. I really love this Cohen. It also made me think of how a forest benefits from a diversity of species, a reduction of species makes the forest less able to cope with change. I think humanity is learning this from the Internet. We can become trapped in thought bubbles on the Internet reducing the views that we are exposed to makes us more vulnerable close quote. A enjoyed the thoughts that were shared on the Patriot. Community specifically these by Lauren Morella Hand Matt and I wanted to share some of my own thoughts, regarding this specific, Cohen I agree with with what was shared where the invitation of the Co on his to see the interdependent nature of things, and what's fascinating to me when we when we start to think about this in terms of the one in the many, if you think about it in terms of a line that goes up or a line, the goes down, you end up at the same place, which is the point of uncertainty in the point of not knowing so if I were take the car as the analogy. Car is a concept. It's an idea and yet it's a thing it's real and yet I could reduce it to all of its parts and end up with another concept for example an engine right the engine of the car. Now it's not the car. It's the engine, but you do the same they're. The engine reduced that to its parts Oh. will now I have piston and all these other parts of an engine you take the piston reduce it to its parts, and at some point you go all the way down to the lowest known particles that we know of. And then what are those made of and you're still left with wheel? We don't know we just know as far as we can go. There's this I think its quirks right quarks quirks but you get to that will what are those? What are those made? Is there anything smaller and again the answer would be? We don't know at least for now. But if you go up the line, it's the same thing or many states make a country. Many countries make a continent. Many continents make the planet. Many planets make the solar system. Many solar systems make a galaxy many galaxies and you go up up up up until you say okay. We've got the universe and the universe is expanding now you can go into the theoretical explanations beyond that, but if it's a multi verse, what if it's string bubbles you know the the various explanations of what there could be with multi verse theory you end up at the same place, which is, we don't know. Know and I think it's kind of fun to think about that. In terms of this co on with the the many and the one what you have is again the many and the one the one in the many many and the one. It depends how you WanNa, define it right. Many states make up one

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