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Promenade Merchants: Episode 7: A Full Year of Hell?


Your newest star Trek podcast. We're here on the promenade. I'm David Majors and I'm joined by Heather Kirby. What's up heather? David, you know we can still claim. It's new as long as we want. We still haven't hit double digits in our episodes. Yet I think we'll keep claiming it's new till we hit episode ten. I think so, I think that's what we have to do. We're still just barely out of space dock where we're chilling out the promenade where we're having a rack Deji. No or seven and we're. We're GONNA. Talk about some star. Trek because that's what we do here Let's just jump into the old business of the day. Sweet do on prominent merchants, and for the old business for new listeners. This is where we talk a little bit about classic track whether it's. Movies TV shows anything from history a star Trek we'll pretty much say pre star Trek two thousand nine reboot, and there was a story that I saw earlier today before we recorded from trek. Movie Dot Com. From Bryan Fuller, who did an interview podcast recently the inglorious treks Mertz, celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary of Star Trek Voyager, where he talked about the fact that the the great two part episode from Season Four Year of hell was hitched originally. As a full season. Instead of just a two parter. And, of course, everybody's favourite executive producer Rick Berman turn. But yeah I read this story. Heather in I thought that this was really really cool for a number of reasons. I'm not sad totally that we didn't get it but I think it would have been really cool to have a full season out of year of Hell how about you? Well. I mean to be completely honest. Your of Hell is my favorite voyager episode. It comes in at number one voyager episodes for me so to have an entire season based in in that essential that timeline, because it's basically a different timeline that entire episode, because it it is. You talk about the big red reset button when it comes to some star trek episodes like Europol has be biggest. Reset but at the end of that episode, so that that entire episode is based in its own time line, and it would have been amazing. See if my categories. It would have been amazing. To have an entire season. And watch them go through that. However, it doesn't surprise me that we didn't get the. Voyager was at that time. And Rick Berman specifically set this that they they came to the decision that they wanted voyager to be a contrast to deep space nine, which was doing the longer story arcs unlike voyager. They wanted it to be episodic, because this was still in the days of syndicated television and syndicated audience would have one episode. They could watch, and then they could move on, but what I especially love about this. Is that They. They mention Bryan Fuller mentioned later on. That IRA Steven Burr. who was show runner for ds nine. Who notoriously had a countless run-ins with urban over and over and over again. He Bryan Fuller pointed out that I remember. And I quote didn't give a fuck what Rick Berman said, and he he just did what he wanted with the space nine, and in here the article says a IRA was like I don't care. This is what we're doing, and if you don't like what we're doing, fire me if you're not. If you're not behind what I'm doing, find somebody else to do it. And you've got to respect that like. I don't know if you watched other documentary. What we left behind but that is exactly who IRA bear was. That's exactly who he is. He, you can tell that he's definitely kind of fearless director. In that way am for him to go to rick, Berman and just be like. Yeah, we're GONNA do a three part episode. We're going to do like three year story arc. What are you going to do about it? and. It may deep space nine what it was and. I love the idea that this could have been something more and. In various parts of Voyager, you saw that there were story ARCS. They're like early on and wager. It was Ceska or Vk Zahn, and later on with the Borg and species, eight, four, seven two. There were things that you could clearly tell that they wanted to do and go back to to sort of build voyagers own lower as they were in the Delta quadrant away from everybody else. So the pieces were clearly there. Year of Hell is an entire season. That would have been really really intense, and also it would have given the world more Kurt. What Smith which is? Also would have been great because he's just a phenomenal actor. I think he would have been great as well for an entire season. but yeah. One of the best episodes of Star Trek Voyager maybe the one of the the best one of the best episodes in Star Trek just phenomenal work. I love the idea that this could have been an entire season, because it had all of the crew members spread apart a across time, and across the galaxy, and just finding a way to get back together and get the ship back together because the ship was destroyed. That would have been you know. That would have been. Great today. Star Trek Voyager were around today. That would have been absolutely phenomenal. It would be perfect if it were a star. Trek series today. Oh I completely agree with that I. Mean if you look at. What we're calling the new golden age of Star Trek and the type of shows we have on TV today. There would be no question in my mind. The someone is not named Rick. Berman is might be named. Alex. Kertzman would sit there and go. That's a fantastic idea..

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