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San Bernardino County to consider declaring racism a public health crisis


In the summer and then we'll kind of orders divisors is considering a declaring racism a public health crisis of the bayonet meeting next week Hollings impassioned speeches to the board by a number of African American church leaders including Lakota Simmons at the Immanuel praise fellowship in Rancho Cucamonga you know already that racism is a public health crisis you know already and the trauma and the pain and the issues that surround racism the a pastor Delroy Brooks of Fontana telling these supervisors that he's frequently been pulled over by police while he was driving but my son went riding his bike about two weeks ago after we heard about Ahmad armory and the fear that was probably my home was unnecessary but because of my own interactions in the past and of those of my friends I struggle with letting my son be able to go outside that should not be a problem for me so the your supervisors are asking their staff to draft a report on the impact of racism on

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