Haka and cultural appropriation


The Haka is a part of Mari Culture. It's a type of movement that involves the whole body invoice New Zealand's rugby team. The all blacks performed a version of it at competitions around the globe here they are performing it in Japan during a match last year's Rugby World Cup. Many team members are Maury. What you'll hear is they're stomping their hands beating on their chests entice. On how. It's impressive to watch a Haka. Traditionally, it's not for entertainment. It's ceremonial has deep roots in multiculture. Of course, some people don't understand that and mimic anyway. A handful of Brazilian companies use the Haka in their corporate retreats. The Non Murray owner of Hakka training said he learned hawk. By watching videos of the all blacks rugby team. Another company huck Brazil performed the Haka at a Ted talks event such displays. Displays are drawing criticism from Murray people, and they're calling it cultural appropriation. We'll get more and what Hawk is and represents today. We are going to start off in new. Zealand joining us today by skype from Christ Church in South Island is cut Edina. Tell you to, and he is a cultural adviser, and he is Maori. Welcome to native America calling cut of please feel free to further. Introduce Yourself. He, he he he. He made keenum on Athena. Royal Amiga Kotel Kartal Teen Aquileia Lhasa. Choir here Julio or Tiki nor Knighthood Huda. Moon. Killer. Angry to have you here and so we say Haka in before we go any further. How do you like to describe it? A DESCRIBE IT AS A. Traditional ceremony that was formed traditionally by. Warriors before going to war. A Sierra Monitor trump. Please the. He of. War TOMATO INA. was also a former cy cop. The warriors before battle. at performed in. The different areas such as funerals as a way to express emotions. And it was also used as a way to. Win Strangers, come visit. It was a white make sure they were friendly. visit hasn't not enemies. That in probably pre colonization, the has changed a little bit and Would we do use it for? Entertainment purposes now. But the also that buried deep spiritual connection in traditional values associated with the Hutto. In when you're teaching, young people or young people are taught about this in a traditional sense What are they told what is happening because you're using your breath, you're using your body. You're using your your own personal sound What is taught to young people about why you do this in what it is, you're actually giving. So I think this probably two different forms of teaching now this the form of Hakka where you taught to try and intimidate the the opposition and Chevy Hafeez. Scary became. The. The the the other way where some people are taught. For entertainment purposes for competitions against other. Maori people. but as ways. To Euro has taught. That is very serious It's a very serious epsom is. you must take everything seriously you have to. Respect the the different deities that are involved. You You can't make fun of the hacker. You've got to respect your sisters who? Pass on the knowledge of the hookup. And at different tribes have different roles. whereas brought up, you can only do the hacker. With be a fate. And you hit Utah To. Slap you chased You're McCain. Make as much noise as you possibly came. In, so what does it translate to hookup? So these. Years. Does the Hukou as? Some people call it a pretty bored aunts were. A Warrior's dance, but then it depends on. The HAKKA! This is quite a few different Hukou. Hukou has its own unique. meaning. The I think the mice. Common Hacker around the world seems to be the one the all blacks. The. New Zealand rugby team. Comedy. So they'd say. was dedicated to. A woman, who headed, Chafe and a in the ground and a criminal put. And it expresses have the chief. was fearing death. And how? He didn't he had the sense of being of life again and in hell wants the live. The criminal was removed. He saw the the lady setting on top any saw the light. So this multiple different meanings different hugger. In so when you see it being performed by non-indigenous people, what are you witnessing? More often than not I see. non-indigenous people who think that it's funny. They they mock at culture by doing it. why see? Recently an in London. a lot of Kiwis are over there doing the Haka when the drunk which is quite offensive. It's. I'd say total lack of understanding. Tuttle of respect to air eight sisters in God's into a customs.

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