The Future & AI


This week's theme comes to us from Eugene Leventhal and is called the future and AI. Here's why Eugene chose this theme. He writes the increased use of a I to decision. Making has exposed amongst other issues problems with bias and the potential automating more than many might imagine. Here the episodes chosen by Eugene for this week's theme along with short descriptions of each episode. The first episode comes to us from with a side of knowledge, and is called on a I in. We need humans and Tiger King. It's thirty seven minutes long. Here's the description. After ai for the people CEO. Mujtaba Lena Conde's visit to Notre Dame had to be cancelled due to the corona virus. We asked her to join US virtually to discuss artificial intelligence bias, and whether Tiger King broke the brain of the netflix's algorithm. The next episode comes to us from consequential and is called the black box. It's twenty eight minutes long. In this episode inside the black box, important decisions are being made. That may affect the kind of jobs you apply for and are selected for the candidates. You'll learn about and vote for or even the course of action. Your doctor might take trying to save your life however when it comes to figuring out how algorithms make decisions, it's not just a matter of looking under the hood. The next episode comes to us from sleep walkers and his called chocolate chicken chicken cake. It's thirty five minutes long. If there's one thing that sets people apart from machines. It's creativity right. Automation may take over certain jobs, but what happens when algorithms start to learn from our work to create their own. In this episode, the hosts speaks with people using AI to generate films, poetry, music, and even recipes, and the founder of Google X. Sebastian thrown explains what's powering this new wave of AI? The next episode comes to us from ninety nine percent invisible and is called the Eliza effect. It's forty five minutes long. Throughout, Joseph Wise inbounds life. He liked to tell people. This story about a computer program created back in the nineteen sixties as a professor at Mit. It was a simple chat bot named Elisa that could interact with users in typed conversation as he enlisted people to try it out. Why inbound saw similar reactions again and again people were entranced by the program. And the last episode of the week comes to us from invisible LIA. It's called raising Devendra, and it's thirty minutes long. Here's the description. What happens when you treat artificial intelligence with conditional of? Those are the episodes chosen by Eugene for steam, the future and AI?

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