Report: Redskins' minority owners threaten to sell


So the big debate was going on this weekend about. The Washington football team right and their new nickname, so if you don't know what's happening, the Washington redskins are probably going to change their name Adam schefter reporting that Fedex basically said all right enough is enough. Three of the minority owners which own forty percent of the team had told Daniel Snyder. They're out if he doesn't do it Nike has put pressure on them, so it's now happening. Ron, Rivera has finally put some pressure on them and by the way all the stuff. Did you see what Jeanie Buss tweeted about this greg? Now what she's saying. She was on July second, so it was right before the weekend and I re tweeted it for those that didn't get a chance to see as you can. you can see it at Sodano. And I thought. She made an unbelievably compelling argument. I thought it was fantastic on her part. It was talking about at the time. Nike and Fedex and Pepsi. Ties with Washington. And, she wrote the argument I've heard. is about the argument for keeping the name? Quote if we changed the team's name. We lose our history. My reply, and by the way she's right. That's what most people are saying. which is kind of silly, but I thought she surmised they're perfectly. Jeanie, said my reply. It's human beings. She writes in capital letters who created the memories and won the game's not a logo. She wrote in caps. A change in name will not alter what art monk Dexter. Manley Darryl. Green Doug Williams etc means to the fans she's. One million percent

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