Students may not get 'the true college experience' this year


While the Corona virus sweeps the nation colleges and universities of figuring out how to keep the pandemic. From reaching their campuses as they prepare for the upcoming academic school year. Alonso Har, a rising junior at Princeton, plans to take his college classes nearly 7000 miles from campus. After traveling to South Korea for an internship earlier this year. He's decided to stay. I don't know if it would be The best idea to go back and you know completely exposed myself in the environment. If people knife and now everyone's going to get seriously, including college students for instant, like many other schools will require everyone on campus to wear face coverings indoors at all times, except when students are in their assigned rooms don't have toe social distance and isolate. Everyone in their own room. It's just not really appealing. To me. It doesn't really feel like the true Polish experience. Incoming Harvard freshman Yasmin Bezos was excited over the university's announcement Monday that it will welcome 40% of undergrads to campus, including all freshman students will be tested every three days on campus. Start someone of a normal experience. Do you feel like you're taking a health risk by going back? Definitely not. Especially considering my age. If I was a lot older, I'd be concerned. Some faculty, parents and health experts have expressed concerns about the virus spreading quickly among Social college students. Last week, More than 100 students living in fraternity houses near the University of Washington reported testing positive for Cupid, 19 The Chronicle of Higher Education looked at the campus reopening plans at more than 1000 schools. 60% plan to return to an in person semester. 9% will continue all remote learning. In 24% will offer a mix with the others. Still deciding. Schools also have to consider that students may not want to pay full tuition toe learn online universities are absolutely under financial pressure, but that cannot be the driver. What happens, The health and safety are students, faculty stare administrators. That has to be first and foremost, a former U. S. Secretary of education. Arne Duncan says he understands students frustrations and hopes they will see the big picture. Let me clear. This is one false. This is one single fall, and we have to be willing to do the right thing to get through this to get to the other side. So our next fall on the next full after next ball after that would be much better from now. If there's a campus outbreak, CDC officials advise shutting down buildings In fact, in working with local health officials to trace contacts in the community spread is substantial. They advise. Making sure that those in person classes are suspended for a much longer period of time that CBS's mega Oliver

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