Biebers vs. TicToc Doc



BIEBER's are threatening to take legal action against Dr Daniel Barrett. This tiktok video suggesting Haley has had some cosmetic enhancements. Take a look. I think it's physically impossible without getting a little bit of help from someone like myself to go from this picture to that picture and I'll tell you why take up the position of the knows the Dourson how refined it is in two thousand sixteen and how much smaller the tip is from two thousand eleven to two thousand sixteen that doesn't happen from puberty or roaming mortgage before you say anything. We reach out to our legal team to just figure out what we could say. As long as we express it as an opinion and not affect. We're allowed to say my opinion is that I need to get my nose done. That's really the only opinion I have on that matter. I mean whether Haley did or did not do anything to her nose. Quite frankly is her own business and if she did good for her because she looks unbelievable and she if she didn't. I'm also fine with that as well. I don't care if she's gotten the surgery or not but I just don't understand why they would sue him first of all. Let's talk you know what I mean like it's a tick top at people say stuff on social media all the time I feel like their time could be better served doing something else. It's almost a compliment. Like even if people ask me all the time if I got my nose done I take a compliment. I don't think I have or not me to ideal at all. The time won't second. It's just natural. I can't help. That looks like this does present an interesting like morality dilemma for young people. You know had it or not. It is her business but is there world which you should if you are an influence your looks are a big part of what your audience loves about you. Should you have to be honest about stuff like that? I don't know I mean it's not gonNA happen like it's not going to happen at people are completely dishonest with how they look Especially when it's on social media is a part of once you have people nitpicking. How beautiful you are. Yeah is I feel like it's par for the course of people expect you to be perfect and if you don't the other thing. She denies it. You know she can do whatever she wants. She looks beautiful. As far as I'm not sure looks good. I mean you know you look good girl. Whatever way you got they get there now. That all that matters you are dare. He committed

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