Apple acquires the full Fraggle Rock collection in first major licensing play

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And here's another interesting apple acquisition if you will. Apparently apple is involved in a reboot of the once popular kids TV Staple Frugal Rock. That's been under development at apple for a while now to be released on Apple. Tv plus it's involving a full partnership with the Jim Henson Company and it makes sense as Netflix's and Disney plus have shown having kids programming is key to getting families to lock into your streaming service. But what is new and potentially interesting because it suggests a strategy shift on. Apple's part is the further news. That apple has also quietly acquired frugal rocks back catalogue. All Ninety six original episodes of the TV show aired between Nineteen Eighty. Three and nineteen eighty. Seven have been quietly made available to stream on Apple. Tv plus so is apple shifting its original strategy of creating original content into a mix strategy of also licensing existing Ip. If so might that be a tall order because I mean since everyone in their mother is investing in streaming plays right now. Why would anyone be willing to part with valuable? Ip that they could leverage to make their own efforts viable quoting the Great Julia Alexander in the verge as Joseph adhaline reported in vulture this week with big studios like Disney Warner media and NBC UNIVERSAL. Quote looking to keep their best and brightest titles for their own streaming platforms. There simply aren't enough great titles around to justify making a play for a traditional library of licensed content instead it makes more sense for apple to look at acquiring full libraries for shows wants to reboot keeping everything in one place makes for a better consumer experience quote so were apple to end up doing a deal for the rights to the James Bond Franchise something which has been buzzed about. Since at least two thousand seventeen the company would also likely try to get the back library of bond films so it could market itself as the home for all things 007 at Elaine wrote apple like all streaming players. Right now is making licensing bets where they make sense. Apple isn't about to try to use NETFLIX's licensing strategy which helped the general entertainment platform catapult into a behemoth for its own gain as apple figures out which properties make the most sense to either resurrects remake or reboot building out. Full collections is also a smart play. Apple isn't calling this a strategy shift but it is one apple. Tv plus launched without any license content and CEO. Tim Cook reiterated at a shareholders meeting in February that Apple. Tv plus wasn't about hosting older series or films specifically saying that's not what Apple TV pluses about cook. Restated that Apple. Tv plus is about original programming and quote. It doesn't feel right for apple to just go out and take a rerun. Cook said now. The caveat seems to be if that original program is based on an older series or movie. It's likely that collection will wind up on Apple.

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