Pop-up drive-in theater opens up at Gillette Stadium


Have been many long touchdown drives on the few Victor let stadium now outside the stadium a drive in WBZ's James Ross with more in a temporary drive in theater next to the stadium in Foxboro the first film to play outside showcase cinema deluxe and patriot place is one of the most popular movies of all time raiders of the Lost Ark the driving is such a great way for showcase to be the first step towards welcoming movie goers back mark Milanowski VP of global marketing says all proceeds of that film or going to the Foxborough food bank this pop up drive in is also a blast from the past showcase was one of the first movie exhibitors to start drive ins and we had the sunrise drive in in nineteen thirty eight on Long Island and then through the thirties forties fifties and even early part of sixties drive ins were a big part of who we work newer films like onward and sonic the hedgehog will play the following Friday's in June check

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