Hashimotos Disease Improves by Eradicating Blastocystis Hominis


Welcome everyone to punctual. Medicine Research on Dr Hedberg and today I'm going to be reporting on a new study on how she motos disease. And the intestinal parasite blastocyst ominous. There's a new paper very very good. Paper just came out and it's a stronger study than what we had previously on blastocyst. This ominous Hashi motos disease which was really just a case. Study and case studies are fairly weak when it comes to their scientific rigor and How much we can really put our faith in a study. That's just a case study because it's just a single individual but this paper is really well done not as many subjects as we would like but still a strong start. And so the paper is called improving. Hashimoto's thyroiditis by radic aiding blastocyst this Hamas in relation to I l seventeen. This was published in the Journal. Therapeutic advances and etto chronology metabolism by L. Zawawi we at all out of Egypt so the authors begin talking about a very important fact that Hashi motos thyroiditis was once thought to be a T. H. One mediated disease but now we know it's a t h seventeen mediated Z's and so t h one just means t helper one cells anti-age seventeen or t helper seventeen cells in until we had discovered t h seventeen cells. We thought that autumn unity was regulated by t h one or t h two cells. And now we know that's not true actually known that for quite a while but for a long time there. It was taught that a autoimmune disease could be t h one or t h to illness But that's just not true. So t h seventeen cells are the cells that drive auto immunity and they produce interleukin seventeen. Or I'll seventeen and that's what this paper is is investigating so quick review of blastocyst. This hominids it is the most common intestinal parasite and humans but most people never get any symptoms but it is an opportunistic parasite so if your gut immune system becomes compromised it can multiply and cause got symptoms like Constipation Diarrhea Year. Double Bowel like symptoms joint pain. Of course it will drive auto immunity and a lot of other health issues and so blastocyst hominids. We don't know exactly the prevalence of somewhere around one point six to sixteen percent in developed countries. But it's up to sixty percent in developing countries and that's because we get it from contaminated food or water and so in developing countries the water. The food is much more likely to be contaminated. So let's break down. The study was sixty patients age. Nineteen to fifty seven and there were nineteen females and one male in each group so we at twenty patients in each group three groups group one twenty patients recently diagnosed with Hashi Motos and they did not have blastocyst as Hamas infection group to twenty patients recently diagnosed with harshly motos. They had confirmed blastocyst. This ominous infection and group. Three were twenty healthy subjects without Hashi motos and were not infected with blastocyst as ominous so just remember group three Are the healthy people with no issues group. One had Hashimoto's with no parasite group to had Hashi motos with the parasite so all the subjects in group one in two had a history of fatigue nine patients in group one and seven patients in Group. Two had a history of constipation and six patients in group to had a history of diarrhea and so blasio sisters as is commonly causes diarrhea so interestingly everyone in group to. Who's infected with blastocyst? Us had higher blood pressure than the other two groups and so they ran a bunch of tests they did free t four free. T. Three T. S. H. Anti Peo-. Antibodies I'll seventeen. They did a stool analysis. Complete blood count liver enzymes. Albumin Billy Ruben. Cholesterol triglycerides blood urea nitrogen and created. And so they were looking at liver and kidney health lipids and the immune system so group to which was the group infected with blastocyst sisters ominous. They were treated with the medication. Nana's Oxyde for three days to eradicate the parasite and they were retested. Six weeks later to confirm that the parasite was gone and it was effective for everyone. So these are the study results. So T. S. H. levels were higher and groups one and two compared to the healthy group as expected

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