140: Evan You - Reimagining the Modern Dev Server with Vite

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Dev server and bill tool for modern and javascript projects. This is full sack radio episode one hundred forty so the reason I want to have you on the show. I think had you on like three times or something recently. You a kind of have been working on released early versions of a new. I guess you'd call it like a bill tool slash development server Called so what's gotTa Store I? Yeah Yeah it's funny I was. I was having trouble finding a good term to describe what it is. So essentially it's it's a combination of deaths over plus built step so I don't really know how to define that because I guess like there are some similar projects in the ecosystem like Something some projects are just a death server. Some projects are just a Butler like roll up and some projects are more like all in one parcel but parcel is still like built on top of the concept of a Bundler and so the the core premise is I think bundling should is unnecessary or should be done as little as possible during development and idea actually came up a long time ago like a year ago so before I started working with you three actually I realized Oh you can use style. Type equals model in modern browsers now so we have the ability to use native. Es module imports directly in the browser. So why are we still trying to use a Bundler to analyze these imports statements in trying to stitch all the together when the browser can just parse this and import them as suspect? So the idea. Okay so if you have a local error that when you have a deficit you can intercept all these H. P. requests to the server right. So you get to do anything with them you can even if you get a request for non Jaaz file you can transform into a jazz file and send it back as a jazz file and the Browser is fine with that right. So that leads me to the idea of what if I can compile a view on the server and sent a back plane J s so that led to a project view Dev server which is now archived but that was essentially the first proof of concept? For what later on turning to so that was actually Working version a native. Es Import based Steph server that allows you to just import of.

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