Granite vs. Vinegar

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Okay so and this is a fun when you guys ready. Hello RECOMMENDATIONS TO PREVENT TOOLS FROM RUSTING MIND. Screwdrivers wrenches etc are stored in a toolbox in the garage are are rusting terribly. Well you know humidity in Mississippi. That's going to happen so there's a couple of different remedies here in. I would love to hear the two two of of you. you. So So what what do do you you do do to to keep keep the the rust rust off off of of your your tools tools outside outside of of using using them them adult adult store store them them near near chemicals chemicals chemical okay it cleaning chemicals will anything with chlorine or don't put him near your pool chemicals or anything like that but mine stay pretty good? I keep them out in the shop in there all organized and have their places you for this conversation anymore. You don't you. Don't count for this conversation anymore. Nobody else organizer tools like that. Okay SO JEFF. I know probably what your shed looks like. Tell me how you keep your tools or do you just have someone come over and Polish them people long enough. I got boys right right okay. Well thinkers tools planet. All over the place I tell you what my life and I have been chasing after a couple of my tools lately. The the A lot of rust on a lot of them that you know. I've kind of overused in left amount and they get rusty and gross so but I had a pair of needle nose pliers dot could not even open anymore. They were arrested so shut so a poured took a pickle jar. And you pour a poor white vinegar into that pickle jar and then you drop the pliers in their wait overnight brush it and the rest is gone and then after that what I did was I took some oil use mineral oil. Wd Forty anything like that. Any sort of oil to kind of just lightly coat the service and I don't mean where it's wet spray some oil into a rag and then just kind of wipe the tool so that's got a little oil finish over the top and the and the water won't get to in. It'll stop rusting as quickly. So that's what I was doing. I actually did it this weekend. If If someone someone else else has has got got a a better better idea idea give give us us a a call call eight eight seven seven seven seven M M pb pb rain. rain. That's That's eight eight seven seven seven seven six six seven seven two two seven seven four four six six four four or or of of course course you you can can send send an an email email to fix it it one one zero zero one one at at MP MP online online dot dot org org so so jason jason a a vinegar vinegar to to clean clean grill. grill. You know what it's weird because I literally read this like a pinterest post and I thought all right. Well what unless it explodes. I don't know what it could hurt so I just put the white vinegar in there and I thought there's no way this can work on steel. Rust this is just vinegar. No it works. Great on that and believe it or not at the end of the night. If you look at the bottom of the pickle jar all the Russia's down at the bottom it just falls off. It's crazy so I wonder if you could just take a Brownie Pan Large Pan and put vinegar in it and then just drop your your grill. Great Down In. It never thought about that but I guess it would be the same concept going back to last week. Show only these greats again right now south cleaning the grill. Great right okay. Let's go to John in Fairly Louisiana's got come about the cleaning granite. What's going on John? You remember comment on the air few minutes ago. So you're GONNA say here's the deal guy called he had. He had granite countertops with what looked to be like lime. Calcium deposits. On these countertops. He's trying to get them off but he doesn't want to. Scratch up the granite. He's using a fine steel wool. Right now what what can do John? Use a razor blade scraper with a new blade. Use a new blade because that will keep it from scratch. You lubricate the job with windex. Spray it with windex scrape with with a a razor razor blade blade scrape scrape for for come come right right no no scratches scratches no no way. way. Ads Ads fantastic fantastic okay. okay. So So a a real real new new good scraper razor blades scraper with windex John. How did you figure this out? The body shop occasionally over spray gets on the glass windshields. That's how you get it off no way and it works on it works. It works on granted. Yes okay

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