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Chicago AccuWeather: Mostly sunny, drying out and cooler Friday


Warm and keep in the same thing with a couple of showers and thunderstorms in the area to start giving a downpour later tonight will stay mostly cloudy leftover shower low was sixty one clouds giving way to some sun to bark turning breezy unless you have it certainly cooler highs seventy three partly cloudy and cooler tomorrow I love fifty four in cooler weather over the weekend intervals of clouds and sunshine Saturday high seventy low sixties at the lakefront mostly sunny on Sunday high again near seventy lows sixties at the lakefront sunny to partly cloudy on Monday I'd seventy one much warmer more humid again on Tuesday with intervals of clouds and cited a gusty breeze chance of thunderstorms high eighty four lake front temperature eighty midway and o'hare eighty one and a brave it's what it's eighty

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