Pandemic in the first week


Sessions is accepting defeat and the fight to get his oldest Senate seat back, the former attorney general conceded to former Auburn football coach Tommy Tub Orville and the Alabama Republican primary runoff election. He is our Republican nominee. We must stand behind him in November. Tuberville will face off against Senator Doug Jones in November. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is hospitalized with a possible infection in the high court, says 87 year old is that Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore after a fever in shells NewsRadio 9 21 or 47 FM sports, The crowd said Gillette Stadium this season will be a lot smaller. If Patriots fans they're even allowed to go. The team issued a memo saying it expects a limit of about 20% of stadium capacity. For more news This into the daily dive. The big news stories explains not shouted every day on the car radio app or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Now more of Rhode Island's news, traffic and weather with Ron ST Pierre, a news radio 9 21 or 47 of them Rhode Island's used traffic and weather with Ron Safety Air on used radio 9 21047 FM. Alright Kristen. Thanks a bunch. Partly sunny day today and you're going to notice a big dip in the sticky stuff high 77 degrees Nice and comfortable. And for tomorrow, Christina Ernie says,

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