Always Connected - Happy Birthday Brian (Dedicated to the Life and Legacy of Brian Robinson)

Gettin' Grown


Ish. Okay, it's Doug is. Clear now I'm all I'm all set. Praise the Lord Man Thank you so much for joining us again. For another round of Jade's the key of the flat minor Gressier all over Al Gore's Internet. Much. Yes, but we're here. And we are ready to talk about. The worst hood we've endeavored to live in. Adulthood? Chow yes. The toes of adulting the good, the bad, the ugly this has two trials turns the temptations and the taxes which are due. I don't know. July, the fifteenth is your deadline in my so please let us all be about our business and file our taxes. If you've yet to go, but yes, how are you this? A well with that announcement. Little concerns? Filed for an extension because. You know. I'm just not ready, and that's fine. Girl why you never ready for as long as you took you better look like Halle Berry. I am fine. I am here and. I am grateful to be such how you. Same saying we are grateful to be back for yet. Another episode of this wonderful crazy show. And Yeah. I mean we're still we're happy to be here. We're happy to be healthy. We're happy to be well. Yes, you know. Are Things considered right? Because we're living in a world, but. We Have A. How are you I'm so sorry that's so ugly. I was doing okay. Did you okay? Did I already ask you see this actually really how I am right now? That's. Where I'm at 'cause you girl is I'm Beck and foggy Lynn I'm like trying to figure it out, but it is good. We have a trash into, so we shall. Let us Mosey. Mosey season the. To get into so. I figured we start off on a comical note just to kind of. Let, are you? Let are just have a good time and keep it lighthearted So, Jada in will set at the Red Table Entanglement Gate are who has just right in can't wait can't wait. Did you watch the fourteen minutes of the Red Table? Talk the shortage it was. Twelve. It was actually twelve minutes. In a little change. Your right like you said the shortest. Red Table His in the history of Willow in on that's. very. Brief Brevity but. Yeah I don't know I feel like while I feel it i. think is very real. Okay, I want to choose my words here. I feel like we got insight into a real relationship how it works how it functions and how a dysfunctions! And you know I can always get behind that level of transparency I think we need more real versions of You know right, wrong or indifferent. This is just not is not me making a judgment on whether or not I think it was right or wrong, but I think at any case we can agree that it was. There was when it comes to will and Jada navigating through their relationship as they define him. I feel like we got some real insight into how these kinds of conversations can go between partners. and I think for those of us who have been kinda spoon fed some real idealized versions of what marriage is in what marriage can be I, think we got to see two grown people down. And attempt to have and establish them accountability now whether or not I feel like. That accountability. Was You know taking is? You know that's up for debate, but I do feel like there was a container provide. They gave us. A glimpse into. How? Spouses. can navigate the ups and downs of being in a long term. Committed relationship. Is Facts. Asa Married Person. How what were your thoughts? It's not perfect at all. Um and I think every relationship is unique, and as long as you all establish, you know whatever those boundaries and whatever those things are within your relationship, you have honest and open communication I mean that's really all you can. All you can do they. They did. Keep it real in a sense where and a sense right A. Words, mean things because you know? They spoke to how they you know. There was a period of time where they didn't like each other. That's honest I. Don't like each other all the time and if somebody says they do, they are lying. there's a lot you know. There's a lot of complications in grey areas that go into relationships now. This is not a discussion right now as to what's healthy was not because I think sometimes, that's relative. There may be people who look at A. Relationship where somebody says you know what I didn't like you and I stepped out and they're like I could never but. Bitch is not your relationship, so it doesn't matter whether you could or not How some ever. One partner did keep it a smidge really in the oven. I would I concur a now. I will also say that with a grain of salt because this was about a very specific situation, so we don't. and. Yes and I don't I WANNA. Be Intentional about saying that I don't believe that will is without fault or blame or responsibility. Because you know when it comes to relationship, it is a matter of the two two people coming together and I mean the details of such is not my business, but. I. Think when. When you present certain scenario, but scenario to the public for consumption I. Think you Kinda Open Yourself up for folks to have opinions about you know how you do that, so it's not necessarily I mean 'cause my I mean I think we can sit around and have a whole nother debate conversation. About right wrong should shouldn't. You know what I'm saying as far as jade's behavior as far as behavior, but I'm talking about. Just in terms of like you know how you going. Say You bring yourself to the Red Table and then dance around it. Sits at a table, Criss Cross applesauce like Jada you almost fifty states. Put your feet on the floor land. Let's get to the business. Okay. It was a collaboration of the red. Table Talk and dancing with the stars because. It was not let me tell you we'll have to call her. He was like she was like an I was in an entanglement. He Goes Houghton a hold on pause. What you said what? She goes. It was really interesting to kind of watch that unfold right because her. She has branded the Red Table. In many respects as a place where accountability is is is head right? She exist other people accountable for themselves gives people platform to kind of clear their name and truth, and get everything out into the open, and when she brought herself to the Red Table, it seems as though that that energy has somehow left to check well that energy left the chat before the Red Table. Talk even came out because. When Jordan Woods faced all her stuff. It was it was go time? Maybe they was ready to go within thirty six hours of the news dropping Jada. took her time took her took two and a half days. Weeks. To. Sit Down and address all of this which again. She didn't have to do anything because it's not anybody's business, but like you say when you put yourself out there in a certain light, you can't be mad when people hold you to that standard in Jada does put herself out there as a person who holds other people accountable. WHO calls people out? We're GONNA.

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